Why Mighty Minnows?

Why Mighty Minnows? 1

The “Mighty Minnows” is a swim event for kids that are 12 and under. The cost is lower and the distance is short. The idea is not to have them compete for points like the adults do, but rather to be introduced to open water swimming and make the events a family outing. All of our Mighty Minnow swimmers are required to use a tow behind swim buoy for their safety (and peace of mind for their parents). Adults are allowed to swim with them to make them feel more at ease.

I have seen kids events at Open Water Swims in different locations and have also had my own children participate in Kids Of Steel Triathlons. I know 1st hand the fun and excitement that can accompany these experiences.

Look to see the Mighty Minnows event at all of the races in The SWOOWS this summer. They are the highlight of the day for me.

Why Mighty Minnows? 2

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