It’s been a long, cool, and mostly wet spring. We were worried for a moment that this would put a damper on one of the newer swims to The SWOOWS, the Wildwood Spring Splash, held at Wildwood Conservation area in St. Marys. We are happy to report that it was an incredible success!

2019 Wildwood 1

We wanted decent conditions and got water that was 20 degrees C and air that was ~ 24 degrees to go with it.

We had 2 options for adults, the 4 km and 1 km….

2019 Wildwood 2
2019 Wildwood 3

On top of that we had our Mighty Minnow who did a fantastic job!

2019 Wildwood 4
2019 Wildwood 5

Why do I keep emphasizing the Mighty Minnows? Well… last year these two were Mighty Minnows. This year they both did their 1st 1 km Open Water Swim.

2019 Wildwood 6

Everything ran smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for a better 1st swim at Wildwood.

2019 Wildwood 7

If you’re not familiar with The SWOOWS head on over to our website and see what all the fun is about.

2019 Wildwood 8
2019 Wildwood 9
2019 Wildwood 10
2019 Wildwood 11

A huge thank you to our volunteers that made it all possible.

NEXT SWIM – Father’s Day Classic, Sunday June 16th at Waterford North Conservation Area

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